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Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn

September 12, 2021

The Nethermead in Prospect Park

The World's Only Mindful Triathlon

Wanderlust 108, the world’s only mindful triathlon, returns to Brooklyn's Prospect Park this September to strike a few new poses. This year's lineup is our best ever, with group fitness led by Taryn Toomey of The Class, followed by vinyasa yoga by Seane Corne (& DJ Taz), and guided meditation by Rev. angel Kyodo Williams. With communal food experiences kicking off and ending the day, and a Premium ticket that includes a gratis pair of Sweaty Betty Power Leggings, there’s more reason than ever for Brooklyn's conscious community to bond around practice, food and well-being. The #bestdayever is back. We're also debuting a live virtual 108 Brooklyn experience, so you don’t even have to be there IRL to enjoy the #bestdayever.




Taryn Toomey, founder of the spiritual fitness experience The Class, will kick of this year's 108 Brooklyn with an unforgettable, inspirational, and motivational group fitness experience. Presented by Nirvana Water Sciences.




Yogi, activist and OG Wanderluster Seane Corn will lead 60 minutes of yoga flow accompanied by a live set by DJ Taz Rashid. Even if you're just unrolling your very first mat, you’ll find your rhythm in this all-levels class. Presented by Sweaty Betty.




Get your sit together, people. Our 30-minute meditation guided by Rev. angel Kyodo williams of MNDFL will clear your mind, relax your body, and complete the mindful triathlon. Presented by Volvo.


We think this is our #bestlineupever — just what you'd expect from the #bestdayever.

Taryn Toomey

Taryn Toomey

Group Fitness. Taryn Toomey is the Founder and CEO of The Class, a mindful movement practice that brings aware...

Group Fitness. Taryn Toomey is the Founder and CEO of The Class, a mindful movement practice that brings awareness to everyday life. Taryn learned early on that her internal compass was grounded in her ability to self-regulate with movement and music. Driven by a sense of connection to spirit, she immersed herself in different rituals, ceremonies, prayer, spiritual traditions, and psychotherapy work, unknowingly seeding the foundation for what would later become The Class. She founded the cathartic workout in 2013 combining movement, mindfulness, music, and sound to strengthen the body and engage the mind. Taryn believed the method was scalable and opened the Tribeca studio in 2017. At the end of 2019, she launched The Class digital platform bringing the practice to students around the world. For more information, please visit

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Seane Corn

Seane Corn

Yoga. Seane Corn is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and public speaker known for her social activism...

Yoga. Seane Corn is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and public speaker known for her social activism, impassioned style of teaching, and raw, honest and inspired self-expression. Over her 25-year teaching career, Seane has created many instructional DVDs, including her groundbreaking series The Yoga of Awakening with Sounds True. Featured on over 40 magazine covers and countless media outlets, Seane has chosen to use her platform to bring awareness to global issues including social justice, sex trafficking, HIV/AIDS awareness, generational poverty, and animal rights. In 2005, she was named “National Yoga Ambassador” for YouthAIDS, and in 2013 received both the Global Green International Environmental Leadership Award and the Humanitarian Award by the Smithsonian Institute. Since 2007, she has been training leaders of activism through her co-founded organization Off the Mat, Into the World®. Seane also co-founded the Global Seva Challenge, which has raised over $3.5 million by activating communities of yoga and wellness in fund and awareness raising efforts. Her first book Revolution of the Soul was published in Fall 2019.

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Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Meditation. Once called "the most intriguing African-American Buddhist" by Library Journal, and "one of our wisest...

Meditation. Once called “the most intriguing African-American Buddhist” by Library Journal, and “one of our wisest voices on social evolution” by Krista Tippett, Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei, is an author, maverick spiritual teacher, master trainer and founder of Transformative Change. She has been bridging the worlds of personal transformation and justice since the publication of her critically-acclaimed book, Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace. Being Black was hailed as “an act of love” by Pulitzer Prize winner Alice Walker and “a classic” by Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield.

Her new co-authored book, Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love & Liberation, is a powerful wake-up journey that is igniting communities — activist, Buddhist and beyond — to have the conversations necessary to become more awake and aware of what hinders liberation of self and society. The Radical Dharma events that have emerged from the book: Connections, Circles and Conversations, have initiated profound healing and deepened commitment to dismantling oppression across lines of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and other divides.

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Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Emcee; Intention Setter.  Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an internationally celebrated Peloton yoga teacher an...

Emcee; Intention Setter.  Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an internationally celebrated Peloton yoga teacher and scholar who is highly regarded as a leader in a new generation of yogis who are passionate about expanding the visibility of who is commonly seen as Teacher. Chelsea brings her deep Midwest roots to the mat with a style of yoga that is accessible to all bodies and levels of skill.

Chelsea has honed her style of yoga that blends contemporary hip-hop, electronic, and R&B with asana. An expert in slow-flow and restorative yoga, Chelsea prides herself in creating classes that leave her students with a strong sense of belonging and accomplishment.

Chelsea’s smile is infectious and her patient yet inspirational tone adds to her magic, a spell that deepens connections and calls her students into action.

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DJ Taz Rashid

DJ Taz Rashid

Musician. DJ Taz Rashid brings a high vibrational energy to any room instantly by mixing the beats and rhythms of L...

Musician. DJ Taz Rashid brings a high vibrational energy to any room instantly by mixing the beats and rhythms of Love, Ancient New World, House, Devotional, and all the cosmic sounds. His vision is to be a channel to cause the expansion of all those around by tapping into the creative wisdom of the body and allowing them to feel, let go and awaken.

Taz has been producing and part of creating mindful events globally over the last few years and as a musician, he plays guitar, piano, Native American Flute, didgeridoo and hand percussion. He takes these instruments and connects to source energy and what comes through has the ability to move his crowd to connect to their higher selves. Recently he has been performing and DJing at events such as Yoga Journal Conference, Wanderlust Festivals, Arise Festival, Bhakti Fest, Bali Spirit Fest, and many more high vibrational gatherings while sharing the stage with global acts such as Xavier Rudd, Michael Franti, Trevor Hall, Nahko Bear, MC Yogi, DJ Drez, Guadi and more.

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Caleb Spaulding

Caleb Spaulding

Musician. Caleb Spaulding is a multidisciplinary creative based in Brooklyn, New York. He guides people to connect...

Musician. Caleb Spaulding is a multidisciplinary creative based in Brooklyn, New York. He guides people to connect to their authentic voice to create extraordinary lives and relationships through his work as a percussionist, facilitator, and coach. He's the founder of the Rhythm of Happiness, a multimedia company that uses rhythm to help people—and companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Hinge—connect to creativity and happiness. Caleb is also a co-author of A Sex Journal for Couples, a shared journal that helps facilitate deeper conversations around sex.

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DJ Matthias Heilbronn

DJ Matthias Heilbronn

DJ/producer/remixer Matthias "Matty" Heilbronn has established himself as a formidable presence in the internationa...

DJ/producer/remixer Matthias “Matty” Heilbronn has established himself as a formidable presence in the international dance / electronic music landscape. His distinctive style earned him a spot on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs In The World where they described him as one of the true unsung heroes of house music, and in DJ Magazine’s Top 10 Covermount CDs of the Decade, Matthias earned the # 1 position of the decade for compiling and mixing his seminal Wave/Chez/Naked compilation. As a DJ, Matthias has graced the decks at some of the world’s most premiere venues including London’s Ministry of Sound, The End and Fabric; Uk’s Southport Weekender; New York’s legendary Palladium, Limelight, Twilo, Sound Factory Bar and Body & Soul; Paris’ Respect Is Burning; Ibiza’s Pacha & Space; Berlin’s Dschungel and Tresor; Sao Paulo’s Serenas, Frankfurt’s Cocoon and Tokyo’s Spacelab Yellow and Air. Although renowned amongst heads for his soulful garage house sound, his DJ sets reveal a much broader cross-section of influences, described in Britain’s 7 Magazine as a spellbindingly eclectic set where his panoramic journey across often arbitrary musical genres, created a sense of New York, both past and present.

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Gibsun is here to share the sounds that feed his soul. His diverse sets allow you to hear his craft in many differe...

Gibsun is here to share the sounds that feed his soul. His diverse sets allow you to hear his craft in many different environments. Producing events and DJing in California gave him platforms to keep creating on a vibrant path. He's reached far corners of the globe participating in the underground electronic music scene so you never know which dance floor or DJ booth you'll see him next.

He's performed at festivals such as Lucidity, Genius Loci, The Top, Outside In Equinox, Beyond the Wall, PismOcean, Stoke the World, Lovelution, You Are Here, Kosmic Gardenz, Good Vibe Tribe, DTFest, Bagel Bash, Phazes, Sacred Village and the grand Burning Man. He's shared the bill with artists M.A.N.D.Y, Justin Martin, Justin Jay, Lee Foss, German Brigante, m.O.N.R.O.E, Cut Snake, Second City, Amtrac, Max Chapman, Golf Clap, Sacha Robotti, Oona Dahl, Grouch, Mikey Lion, SAAND, Brennen Grey, Anabel Englund, Conrank, Antennae, Clozee, Dimond Saints, Hedflux, Soohan, Ana Sia, Aabo, Bones, Lubelski, Rybo and more.

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Garth Stevenson

Garth Stevenson

Double bassist and composer Garth Stevenson was raised in the mountains of Western Canada, where nature became his...

Double bassist and composer Garth Stevenson was raised in the mountains of Western Canada, where nature became his primary inspiration and the common thread between his life and music. His three full-length solo albums, Alpine, Flying, and Voyage, are informed by his experiences carrying his 160-year-old double bass to the woods, beach, desert, and other remote locations, including Antarctica and Tuva.

Garth Stevenson has been leading Music Meditation Hikes for the past ten years at Wanderlust Festivals. With his double bass strapped to his back, he leads groups on hikes to beautiful locations in nature, where he improvises music that blends and interacts with the natural environment.

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August & September

Prepare for the Mindful Triathlon

Premium guests gain access to a month of free on-demand classes from the 108 Brooklyn lineup. Tune up your practice wherever you are!

8:00am - 9:45am


For those who didn't register by mail, just bring a printout of your ticket, your proof of vaccination / negative Covid test, and an ID. We'll get you on your way quickly.

8:05am - 10:00am

Power Up with Breakfast

Enjoy a tasty breakfast and some tea or coffee from our local food vendors in the Kula Village.

10:00am - 11:00am

Triathlon Part 1: Group Fitness by The Class

Taryn Toomey, the founding spirit of The Class, leads us through her signature group fitness experience.

11:00am - 12:00pm

Triathlon Part 2: Yoga

Hop on your mat for a DJ Taz-powered yoga flow class led by the legendary instructor Seane Corn.

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Triathlon Part 3: Meditation

Complete the mindful triathlon with 30 minutes of soul-reviving meditation guided by Rev. angel Kyodo williams.

12:30pm - 4:00pm

Grab Lunch, Shop & Chill

After a long day of feeding your body, you will need some sustenance. Grab lunch from our local food vendors, shop for some handmade threads, drop in to programming across the Kula Market, and visit the Libation Garden for some adult cheer (21+).


The Uncommons by Maha Rose

Come explore the esoteric arts with the talented practitioners of Brooklyn's beloved wellness outpost, Maha Rose. Explore Reiki, Astrology, the Akashic Records, Crystals and more... the Uncommons will be offering drop-in workshops every half hour.


Getting Here

The Nethermead in Prospect Park

Brooklyn, NY 11218

United States

What's Included

What's Included

A day of mindful movement, live music and conscious community to nourish your soul.

A live experience with the world's leading teachers in group fitness, yoga and meditation.

A unique Kula Marketplace where craft vendors, artisanal food purveyors, and our sponsors offer healthy & sustainable products.

Post-triathlon access (21+) to our Libation Garden, a pop-up biergarten serving artisanal wine, beer and hard seltzers.

Restored faith in the essential goodness of humanity.

Premium ticket required for these benefits: Sweaty Betty Power Leggings ($100 value), the gift bag ($80 value), reserved practice area, and access to our pre-event on-demand content.

Breakfast and lunch are available for additional purchase (they're also included with Premium tickets).

Bag check and registration by mail available for additional purchase.


Carbon Offset (Car or Taxi)

We are offsetting our carbon emissions via We’ll match any contribution you make towards your emissions, too. A $5 donation will offset your carbon if you drove or took a taxi to the event. ...
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Tranquility eKO Lite 3mm Mat

The Tranquility eKO Lite Mat provides a naturally grippy surface that catches if you start to slip. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, this non-Amazon harvested tree rubber mat firmly supports both your practice and our planet. ...
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Carbon Offset (Flight)

We are offsetting our carbon emissions via We’ll match any contribution you make towards your emissions, too. A $20 donation will offset your carbon if you flew to the event....
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Onsite Bag Check

Store your bag safely for pick up and return at anytime throughout the day. Limited capacity. Price is per person.


Manduka Pro Travel 2.5mm Mat

Bring the durability, performance & support of the PRO mat by Manduka — Wanderlust's official mat partner — everywhere you go. Foldable for easy transport. 50% lighter than the PRO mat. Lifetime guarantee....
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My first, but definitely not my last, Wanderlust 108. Looking forward to doing it all again.


An amazing day, with all my favorite things in one place!


I had such a great experience! Learned so much about myself and who knew I can be so mindful and appreciative.


Best day of the summer!



1 =  Unity  0 = Wholeness  8 = Infinite Love

Wanderlust 108 is a full-day celebration by, and for, our conscious community. After kicking off the day with a hearty breakfast, we bring together three intentional activities — group fitness, vinyasa yoga, and guided meditation (that's the mindful triathlon, in case you were wondering). Following the triathlon, we close the day with a group lunch, with foods provided by Brooklyn's finest local vendors. You also can explore the craft vendors and curated sponsors in our Kula Village, and visit the Libation Garden for a celebratory adult beverage. It's a field day centered around health, wellness and community — but we just think of it as the #bestdayever.

This is a triathlon for everybody — and every body.  The event is about community, not competition, though you definitely can work up a sweat in the process.  The only intention is the one you set for yourself, so whether it's your first time unrolling a mat, or you're popping handstands on the reg, we're here to support each other's practice. The bigger the cheering section, the better!

The Power Leggings are a gift from Sweaty Betty to all* Premium guests of Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn, regardless of when you purchased your Premium ticket.

The leggings will be available for pick-up on site at the Sweaty Betty pavillion anytime during the event. Sizing runs from XXS to XXL (click here for sizing and fit info).

*And now the fine print. Sweaty Betty doesn't make menswear, so the leggings may not be suitable for those who identify as male. However, they still make a great gift. Sweaty Betty has allowed for one legging redemption per Premium Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn guest. This offer is redeemable only on September 12 and only in-person at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn. You may be asked to prove your identity with a photo ID to pick up your leggings. While sizes last, you may choose your preferred legging size, but we cannot guarantee that your size will be available. If any particular size runs out, you may choose a different size. The leggings are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, whether online, in Sweaty Betty stores or partner stores, or with Wanderlust. If you do not pick a pair of leggings up at the event on September 12 for any reason, you will not receive a pair, and you will not be compensated for your loss of this amazing pair of leggings. Thanks for your understanding.

In addition to the complimentary pair of Sweaty Betty Power Leggings (see above), you'll get meal tickets for both breakfast and lunch, premium mat placement, and this year's Wanderlust 108 gift bag, which we're particularly proud of.  The bag already contains over $100 worth of goodies. Check back soon, because the list keeps growing.

  • Large (16") cloth tote with pocket and Wanderlust 108 logo, kindly provided by our friends at Dickinson's. $10 value.
  • 3 varieties of Dickinson's Witch Hazel Skincare 3.3 oz toner (Gentle Balancing Toner, Hydrating Toner and Pore Perfecting Toner), plus a gift coupon. $15 value.
  • Sacred CBD Recovery Pack, including a sample of Sacred's signature  CBD Pain Balm, Sacred hand sanitizer and an instant ice pack. $15 value.
  • Microfiber Sweat Towel by Nirvana. Absorbent, soft and quick drying, Nirvana's hand towel is perfect for any Wanderluster who sometimes works up a sweat. Remember to hydrate with the free Nirvana water on site when you do! $10 value.
  • A cotton satchel bag from our friends at Buddha Pants. It's perfect for your accessories, like earphones, chargers, and other bits and pieces.
  • Coupon good for 3 months free on Wanderlust TV, our online yoga, meditation and fitness platform. $50 value.

The gift bag can be picked up anytime during the day at the tent conveniently marked "Gift Bag Pickup." We'll see you there.

Yes, you can reserve a spot in our bag check by purchasing a bag check ticket before the event.  Note that space is limited, so we may not be able to accommodate walk-ups on site. 

We've spent a lot of time envisioning a Covid-safe way to distribute our guests throughout the venue without detracting from the amazingness of the event, or the ability of groups of friends to practice together.  What we've come up with is this:

  • We're going to chalk circles on the lawn in 3 different sizes:  1 mat, 2 mats, and 4 mats.  The 1-mat circle will be 6' in diameter, and the others larger, in recognition of current distancing guidelines.
  • If you purchase a Premium access ticket, you'll get a numbered circle in the front of the venue, along with the gift bag, meal tickets, etc. Your Premium wristband will display the number of your circle. 
  • Premium guests are welcome to form a "pod" with 2 to 4 friends. We have 2-person and 4-person Premium group tickets available. There's no 3-person pod, but you can purchase a 4-person pod and have a bit more space.
  • Free ticket holders can simply grab any empty mat space in the general admission area in the back of the venue. There are no circles but we've left room for wider mat spacing.  

This is a new concept, but we think it's going to work great. If you have any questions, please email us at 

Even though our event is open-air, outdoors and designed to minimize any crowding, we will not take chances with your safety. In order to be admitted to the event, you'll  need to have either (1) proof of Covid vaccination or (2) a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours from the start of the event. We recommend you take the vaccination route, as it's the best way to ensure you and others are, and will remain, safe.* We'll email you a form to upload your vaccination cards or test results prior to the event. Using the form isn't mandator, but it will speed you through registration more quickly. Kids and teens under 15 do not need to be tested at this time.

*Like you, we've been following the latest research on "breakthrough" Covid. While it's definitely a cause for concern, current evidence suggests that it's relatively rare and, more importantly, that cases rarely require hospitalization. 

Wanderlust is a health & wellness company, and we take our mission very seriously. As an open-air, outdoor event taking place in a massive field with mats placed at a safe distance, Wanderlust 108 is one of the safest group participation activities available.

In addition to the open air environment, we have enhanced safety with a number of changes to the event. We've eliminated the run in favor of group fitness to reduce crowding, and we're offering pre-registration by mail to reduce check-in lines. Beyond the spacing naturally afforded by yoga mats, we're currently planning to chalk the practice field with circles to encourage further distancing (Covid-safe groups of friends, however, can still practice together). 

The best thing you can do to protect yourself and others, however, is to get vaccinated. Our staff has done it, and we hope you'll do it too.  

As the Covid situation is constantly evolving, we may change some of the measures above, or add new ones, as is required to keep everyone safe. We will keep you updated.

NYC is opening rapidly, and we are constantly monitoring government guidelines, both to ensure your safety and also to produce the most amazing event possible. Should guidelines ease, we likely will increase capacity and may return to "normal" mat placement (no social distance circles) for free ticketholders. 

By the same token, if conditions should deteriorate, we will act to ensure your safety. If governmental regulation or our own concerns necessitate the cancellation of Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn for any reason, we will refund all purchases in full. No questions asked.

Anyone who has purchased Premium access will receive, among other amazing benefits, meal tickets redeemable for both breakfast and lunch from our onsite food vendors, which include Avocaderia, Bowl & Blade, Provenance, La Cevicheria, Thai Mis Delicias, Brooklyn Roasting Company, and more (we will release the full lineup closer to the event).  If you have a GA (free) ticket, then you can purchase food from our vendors via credit card. We discourage the use of cash, both for speed and safety, so please bring a credit card.

On to beverages. The event will feature several water stations offering filtered tap water (bring your bottle) as well as free bottled water from our partner Nirvana Water Sciences, whose water is locally sourced and bottled in 100% recycled PET bottles. Coffee will be provided by Brooklyn Roasting Company, who will have a full range of cold brew, drip coffee and espresso drinks on site. We will serve Paromi full leaf tea.

Apres-triathlon, adults 21+ can visit our signature Libation Garden, which will offer a wide range of refreshing beverages to help you unwind. We'll have Fat Tire and Voodoo Ranger beer from New Belgium, Fruit Smash hard seltzer, and Kendall-Jackson Avant Lower Calorie Chardonnay and Unoaked Chardonnay.

The event is in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY, with easy subway and taxi access from Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan, so you'll have literally thousands of hotels to choose from. We've picked a recommended partner hotel, the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, which is located close to the venue and has given us excellent rates. You can easily purchase a stay right through our website if you're coming in from out of town. We'll add additional properties shortly.

If we cancel or move the event date for any reason (including, but not limited to, Covid), Wanderlust will refund you in full for any purchases you have made. If we reschedule the event for later in 2021, you'll have the choice (your choice, not ours) to keep your tickets and attend on the later date or accept a refund. 

If we're holding the event but you can't attend for whatever reason, we do not offer refunds — all purchases are final. However, your tickets are yours, and you are free sell or transfer them to others at face value or less. Just reach out to us at with the name and email address of the recipient and we'll take care of the transfer. 

Yes. The event is about as family friendly as a festival can be. Please register your kids with a free ticket so we can properly track capacity and ensure spaces are allocated properly. Kids under 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Children under 15 do not need to be vaccinated or tested for Covid-19.

Please note that your kids do not have access to Premium benefits, even if you have purchased Premium tickets. In other words, you'll need to purchase a Premium ticket for your child if you want them to have the gift bag, food, and access to your practice area in the front of the venue. 

To avoid lines, reduce crowding and enhance safety, we strongly recommend you select the "register by mail" option when checking out. You also can purchase it later, anytime prior to 2 weeks before the event starts.  

If you do choose to register on site, a PDF ticket, printed or digital, will be required for check-in. An e-ticket will be e-mailed to you at least 7 days before the event.

If you happen to have uncovered the secret to the meaning of life, please bring that knowledge with you and share it widely. If not, here are a few things that will be helpful:

  • A photo ID for the Libation Garden (21+)
  • A PDF ticket, printed or digital, if you didn't register by mail.
  • A yoga mat, if you didn't purchase one of our fantastic, discounted Manduka mats.
  • Cash and a credit card. Some vendors may only accept cash, some only cards. Sorry.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and a water bottle. There will be lots of Nirvana water (made from 100% recycled plastic) on site if you forget your bottle, but do not forget the sunscreen. You'll be in the sun for 2 hours or more.
  • A weather report. Check it first. Wanderlust 108  is rain or shine, and NYC in September can be hot, cold, muggy, windy or all of the above. Layers are really good. 
Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn

United States· September 12, 2021· 1 day